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I practice Emergency Medicine in Jacksonville, Florida. In the ER, everything is time-pressured and requires very precise decisions, but with my art, I can slow down the pace and get lost in the canvas.


Art saved me in high school, nurtured me in college and gave me occasional respite during the hectic years of medical school, residency, and early motherhood. Once my medical training was behind me, I began to delve deeper, strengthening my relationship with the brush and canvas, spending more and more hours in the studio, and gradually developed into the artist you see represented on these pages. But look again, not long from now, and you will see a different artist, because I will continue to grow.


I cannot imagine my life without a paintbrush any more than I can imagine it without a stethoscope. Like my medical skills, however, art is best when shared with others, and I hope that you enjoy it with me.

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